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Change your energy; change your life!

On our path towards Enlightenment, there are many tools that can speed up and clarify the process. Through Dr. Judy's unique venue of intuitive readings we can receive answers from the divine realms encouraging us and aligning us to our soul path. Dr. Judy teaches us how to channel, to open our heart to trust and to protect ourselves as lightworkers. The fifth dimensional rules to live by show us how to act rather than react. Acting wisely creates a personal upward spiral of high frequency energy, opening our hearts to divine love.

      Don’t settle for a lackluster attitude or a feeling of powerlessness in this existence.  The fairies and I can offer you new ways to perceive this earthly experience through energy healing.  You can learn to use your thoughts (energy) to manifest what is important to you.  Learning to work in your energy field first creates more powerful positive outcomes in the physical world.   Learning to transform energy and balance chakras is a simple way to experience control over your life.  Instead of believing that life is a random set of events, you begin to grasp the bigger picture, the higher purpose and the delight of playing at life.

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